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Improve Your Blog?s Rank With These 10 Wordpress Plugins

Word PressEricWelke.com Improve your blog?s rank with these 10 WordPress Plugins <<<=== Start & Share Over Here =) One of the most powerful features of the WordPress blogging platform is its huge library of plug-ins. These plug-ins are generally designed to enhance the functionality of a blog. There are also those that specialize in blog search engine optimization. Here are 10 SEO WordPress plugins that will help improve your blog?s ranking: Akismet Spam messages in your comment section not only clutter it up, but it also posts potential security risks for you and those reading your blog.  The Akismet plug-in helps you minimize and even eliminate spam posts on your site. You?ll appreciate how much time its automated spam filtering function saves you. This is especially important when you?re managing a blog with hundreds and even thousands of pages of content. You shouldn?t be spending more time cleaning your comment section than you are writing useful content. Google XML Sitemaps This plugin performs an important service for your blog. It generates a sitemap which helps the major search engines index your site. These search engines rely heavily on the links present in web sites to track and index pages. Since each page has its own website link, having it present on several other pages increases the chances of it getting indexed. A sitemap basically acts as list of pages on your site so it is important to make sure that it?s complete and made available for indexing. Yoast?s WordPress SEO This is a premium plug-in that installs enhanced SEO functions on your blog. It extends the standard SEO capabilities of the WordPress blog package. It?s a boon for bloggers who want to improve optimization for their content. All in One SEO Pack This plugin helps you with setting up the descriptions and meta tags on your system. This is a critical aspect of SEO that affects how a search engine categorizes your site.  Being able to check for missing or inaccurate tags can affect how easily your site becomes visible on a search engine?s results page. WordPress Importer This useful plugin provides you with the ability to import entries from different blog platforms. This is useful for people who have blogs focused on curating material from several sources. SEO Pressor This plug in reduces the work you need to do to optimize your site. Its automated process analyzes your sites and provides a quick report on what needs to be fixed.  An important feature of this package is the ability to check for over-optimization in your work. It makes sure you are sticking to the guidelines set by Google?s rules on search engine ranking. This helps you avoid getting penalized. WP Social This plug in helps you improve your ranking by providing integrated SEO and Social Media features for your blog. Since Social Media has a tremendous impact on a search engine?s ranking of your site, a coordinated approach to optimization and social sharing can boost the visibility of your blog. SEO Friendly Images This plug in will automatically update the alt and title attributes of all the images on your blog. It makes it easier for search engines to categorize your blog based on the images it contains. This improves the chances that your blog will come up on the search engine results page due to an image that matches the search term entered by a user.
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