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Recharging & Maintaining Your Inner Drive

RechargingEricWelke.com Recharging & Maintaining Your Inner Drive <<<=== Start & Share Over Here =) Stopping to smell the roses may sound like an old cliché but it can do more for your well-being than you think. Sometimes that inner voice that guides your goals and decision may seem a bit faint. It?s usually competing with other worries and concerns. Your inner focus can get overwhelmed if you don?t recharge it from time to time. Never let yourself run on empty. If you have the time, you should rest, regroup and realign your efforts. When you?ve spread your time and attention too widely, you will eventually end up not achieving anything. This is true even for successful people; there?s a tendency for people to spread themselves out too thinly beyond what their time and capabilities can handle. Focus and Motivation go hand in hand. Both are required to make an effort worthwhile. If you?re motivated to do something but end up trying to do a lot of things then you won?t achieve anything. Focus without motivation ends in boredom and dissatisfaction. Even if you finish a project, it will feel less like an achievement and more of an imposition. Motivation is the foundation of Focus. People who aren?t motivated tend to lose focus often. Getting motivated is where you need to start first. Focus, determination, and hopefully success, will all come in good time. Stop Thinking in the Negative. Work can sometimes feel unrewarding. You may subconsciously try to avoid this type work and put it off as long as possible.  When you think this way, the work feels even harder to finish. You must consistently strive to look at necessary jobs in the long term. Keep in mind that each task finished contributes to its completion, no matter how small it might be. Stick to SMART Goals Vague, hard to measure goals will make it harder for you to focus your efforts. You need to determine your goals first before you start. There?s no sense wasting time and resources on tasks that won?t contribute to your project?s success. Stick to one project at a time If you want a project to succeed, you need to give 100% of your focus. It will be hard for you to maintain and recharge your inner drive if you don?t have time left from juggling multiple projects. You need to make a conscious effort to control your urge to do more, especially with the illusion presented by modern communications technology. It is now easier to over commit yourself because of the impression that technology is the best way to manage your time. Lighten up and Enjoy your work Work is lighter and doesn?t feel like work if you?re enjoying what you?re doing. This is one of the reasons why people who are passionate about what they?re doing usually have more energy to do it. The result of their work feed their sense of accomplishments and further motivates them to do their best. Become the expert on your project All projects are learning experiences, so learn what you need to complete the project successfully. You shouldn?t stop at just getting the project completed; make yourself the expert on it. This helps you keep focus and motivates you to learn more. Empowering yourself with more knowledge will also have a side benefit of making you a more valuable asset to your company. Delegate work based on  skill value Tasks that contribute to the success of a project need to be handled by the most qualified person. This does not mean it has to be you all the time. There are several non-critical and repetitive tasks that are better off in the hands of a capable assistant. Spare your energy and focus for the most important tasks. There are several other strategies on how to recharge and maintain focus and motivation. There might be a strategy that will fit your situation. You can also tailor fit existing best practices to get the one more effective for you. The ideal result is to complete a successful project without getting yourself burnt out in the process. Instead of enjoying the fruits of your labor, you?ll end up recovering from the damage you?ve done to your system.  
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