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Critical Skills For Leading Successful Teams

TrophiesEricWelke.com Critical Skills for Leading Successful Teams <<<=== Start & Share Over Here =) Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. ?Jack Welch  Building a team is tough, but worth it. Your level of success online is limited by the amount of manpower you can put in. To get to the next level, you need a team to help you out ? the more effective the team, the better. A seasoned, veteran marketing team is worth its weight in gold. It is often difficult to measure how much a high performing team contributes to a company.  This is why Team building and Organizational Development have become intrinsic parts of most business nowadays. A lot of businesses invest time and resources to ensure they have the best people, but fail miserably when trying to build teams.  One of the possible reasons for failure is forcing a team to fit the company?s ideal. Instead of letting a team gel together naturally, the added pressure to conform becomes a stumbling block. The best teams aren?t the most skilled (although that helps), nor is it the most experienced. The best team is the one that is most flexible and adaptive to any change that comes their way. They don?t let their overall performance suffer just because the client or the market changes abruptly. These are the teams that are quick on their feet, nimble and respond correctly to the changes that affect the market they serve. You need to build this team from scratch. A team isn?t just a collection of people with the right skills; it is a group of people that can effectively work together. They share the responsibility and effort to reach their goals. They are happy to work with each other. Here are a couple of skills that will aid you in building a reliable, high performance team. 1. Communication This is one of the most basic requirements for any person who wishes to lead or build a team. You have to be able to relate with your team, explain what you want them to do, and adapt to each of their communication styles. Competence in communication is critical to the creation of any important enterprise. 2. Creating and Maintaining a Vision. This is another fundamental requirement. You need a vision, a worthwhile goal to strive for, and your team must share this too. Your goals should be something elevated from day to day concerns. A goal that will help your team grow and push them to do their best. 3. Setting & Meeting Expectations. You should practice and expect this from each of your team members. If you have your long term vision for your company, then you should also have day to day goals that you need to meet.  Aside from short term expectations, you must be consistent in your pronouncements and avoid disappointing your employees or colleagues. As a leader, your word is your bond. 4. Thoroughness A strong performing team needs to be thorough and detail oriented. A missed lead is a missed income opportunity and something you cannot afford to have when you?re targeting growth. You need to model this behavior so that your team will also practice it constantly. 5. The Ability to Motivate and Challenge. Finally, the ability to motivate a team member starts with the ability of a team leader to motivate himself. As mentioned earlier, you cant expect people to be motivated if you as their leader gives them a reason to lose their motivation. In addition to this, you must know how to approach and communicate on a  level you can relate with your team. Aloofness only works in situations where there is no time to bond ? this only happens in crisis situation, not something that a start up enterprise wants to happen often. In the end, if you are able to build a strong, high performing team, you should not only be proud of their performance; you should also be proud that you have a team of nascent leaders who will eventually move on to build their own successful teams. How?s that for a legacy?  
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